NSS Group was sold in January 2014. 


NSS Customers with monitored security systems were migrated to Calamity Monitoring - Australia's highest rated security monitoring centre. 

The migration was completed in late 2014 and all NSS customers were notified that Calamity has been providing full service to NSS Customers.


Existing and new customers with security requirements should contact Calamity.

Calamity owns an A1 Graded monitoring centre and can perform alarm installation and service, CCTV camera design and installation, Electronic Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, IP Monitoring, Remote Video Monitoring and maintenance.


For further information please visit Calamity's website: calamity.com.au

24/7 Telephone: 1300 300 24 7.


We look forward to serving you.

NSS Monitoring Pty Ltd.

ABN 90 262 984 484






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